The Artists

Each design at Poppin Loom is exclusively created by independent artists from across the U.S. and Canada. Poppin Loom prints are produced in limited quantities, ensuring you get a unique tee that's sure to make a statement! Dive into the backstory of each artwork and uncover the inspiration behind every piece. Join the VIP email list for early access to new releases, updates, and other exciting sustainable content that I adore. Subscribe here


Lauren is an artist creating a positive way for her self-expression and healing through art. 

There is no particular medium that she favors, and often changes and explores new ways of creating art. Lauren loves to use bright colors (when possible) and design pieces that make other people feel happy, positive, and warm. 

Lauren describes her art style as BOLD, with BRIGHT designs and whimsical abstract art. She is originally a born and raised Jersey girl. She enjoys hiking with her husband and fur baby and eating delicious vegan food.



Liz is a maker and everything but the muse at Gilmore & Friends. After years of designing flowers and working as a veterinary technician, she started drawing again. 

What began as a fun project with a very long dachshund puppy at her feet with a brand new iPad blossomed into a greeting card and gift business. To see Liz's cool designs, visit Liz's Etsy shop here



Amanda, the Owner, Artist and face of When Studio. Amanda designs bright, bold prints and cards with an Eco-Edge. 

As an Artist, Amanda's work is truly an extension of herself, spontaneous but consistent, happily carefree but specific. Amanda describes herself as the chattiest one in the room, and these prints and cards have been raised to do the same.

An architect by day and artist (and mom and wife) by... the rest of the day, Amanda has never been happier. When Studio has been the loose thread on the garment, something always dangling in front of her, reminding her in its quiet way of a dream in waiting, and she is here for it. Amanda was four years old when she started telling the world, "when I grow up, I want to be an artist." 

Now in my 30s, Amanda realized what was precious about that dream was the purity of unapologetic childhood curiosity. In other words, doing something because you just feel like it. So that's Amanda's quest with When Studio. To create and draw what feels good and makes you happy - because if not now, when?

To shop Amanda's collection, visit her shop here


Laura creates unique, one-of-a-kind designs with precise detail. Laura's artwork is described as naturalistic surrealism. Combining familiar scenes from the earth with metaphysical imagery, often layered within the geometric design. 

Shop Laura's unique designs on her Etsy shop here



Addison is 17 years old and attends Colgan High School for visual arts and has been doing art since she was five years old. 


Meet 5-year-old artist, Lexi C! She's a young, creative soul with a passion for expressing herself through art. Her favorite topics include mermaids, narwhals, unicorns, rainbows, and anything that sparkles.

She loves to use a variety of materials to create unique artwork that reflects her imagination and enthusiasm. Leti's art is full of vibrant colors and whimsical shapes that capture the viewer's attention (but she loves rainbows the most).

Leti is often inspired by the world around her, finding beauty in nature and imaginary objects. She loves to share her art with friends and family, and is excited to see where her creative journey takes her.