GOTS Certified Organic Peruvian Pima Cotton is the Best! Why?

Stronger. Breathable. Lightweight. Super soft.

Benefit 1

Not only is it incredibly cozy and soft, you can stay stress free when it's time to put it in the wash. No pilling, shrinking, or falling apart, with our tees. Plus, it's made of entirely organic materials!

Benefit 2

Our shirts are made from 100% Peruvian Organic Pima cotton, grown, and hand-picked in Peru. Completely free of any chemicals or pesticides, helping to keep you and our planet safe! We are sustainable in every sense, even down to all of our packaging

Benefit 3

Soultree Apparel is proud to work with independent artists, who create one-of-a-kind designs for every release. All offered in limited quantities, and can only be found here.