GOTS Certified Organic Peruvian Pima Cotton is the Best! Why?

Stronger. Breathable. Lightweight. Super soft.

Benefit 1

Poppin Loom tees offer unbeatable comfort and softness, along with stress-free care instructions. Experience no pilling, shrinking, or deterioration with Poppin Loom tees, all crafted from premium organic materials!.

Benefit 2

Poppin Loom tees are crafted from GOTS 100% Peruvian Organic Pima cotton, harvested, hand-picked, spun and finished in Peru. They are completely free from chemicals or pesticides, ensuring both your safety and our planet’s health. I prioritize sustainability in every aspect, right down to eco-friendly packaging.

Benefit 3

At Poppin Loom, I collaborate with independent artists to create unique, limited-edition designs exclusively available here. Each release showcases the creativity and individuality of artists, making every piece truly special.