Meet Sherry

I lived a sustainable lifestyle long before I started Poppin Loom. But at the same time, I wasn’t living my best life—yet.

Call it a dream delayed. Though I went to college for fashion and marketing, 24+ years in industries and relationships that insisted I follow a more “practical” path left me feeling kind of lost. I’d gotten divorced, quit my career in finance, and had run my own pet sitting business for ten years when one day, I found myself being dragged down the street by a 130-lb rottweiler. I thought: something has to change. 

This time, I did some soul searching and looked to my most deeply-seeded passions. I love wearing things that feel good. Fresh, organic materials that provide both style and comfort are my go-to. But perfect tees are hard to find. 

So I decided to make them myself. I immersed myself completely in anything and everything there is to know about cotton production and its impact on the environment. I learned what questions to ask and which experts to hire, and researched printers and sustainable inks and the process of screen printing artwork onto t-shirts. And I sought out artists who are expressing themselves without limitations, artists who have so much to contribute to fashion and the world. 

The result is a line of 100% Organic Pima cotton tees that are ever-evolving in design, changing fashion with purpose, and always rooted in principle. Oh, and they’re perfect for a casual or dressed-up look. And super comfy to boot. 

Have a fabulous day!