Story Behind Artwork

Collection Name

Beachside by Amanda Ferguson

I could daydream about beach life all day. Staring out at the water, sitting in the shade. Waking up early and finding the perfect spot to set up and watch the sun rise. It's pure calm and tranquility. So when I create beach-inspired designs, it's my own opportunity to drift away to somewhere hot and sunny in my mind and I'm sure you'll wear this tee for that same reason. My passion for creating art was reignited during the pandemic as a way to help both my mental health and the mental health of those around me, by creating bright, bold, playful prints that would remind us how it felt to feel energized again. Every piece I create, from fruit and flowers to this beachy graphic, is always about helping you escape to your own personal oasis, where your bright, bold life awaits. 

Heart by Lexi Colbert

This is a rainbow heart and everyone loves it. It is my favorite heart of all.

Inhale Hate Exhale Love by Lauren Dimodica

We’re all too familiar with the negativity that swirls around us in our day to day lives. So this design was meant to create the positivity we all need. Speak love, be love, give love. When we can be anything, we should choose to be kind. 

Jellyfish by Addison Wade

The organism for me represents calmness and fluidity, because of teh way they just exist; how they don’t have a care in the world, so I wanted to put it into a design. 

Moth by Addison Wade

I really like how moths like light so I wanted to draw something that represents light to me as well as put a bit of difference in it with the skull.

Never forget you can make a difference by Gilmore & Friends

I love drawing daisy animals. Although it is digital (drawn by hand on my iPad) There is no wizardry involved, just time duplicating and rearranging and duplicating and rearranging lots and lots of hand drawn daises.
Gilmore & Friends illustrations are always drawn with JOY by Gilmore's mum, these days in Kemah, Texas.

Tiger by Laura Powell

1998, the year of the tiger. I’ve always loved all types of cats. This drawing actually started with a white pencil on black paper, and then was digitally inverted for a white shirt. I often use the concept of duality in my work, so to create two opposite images from one was very satisfying. Is it white with black stripes, or black with white stripes?